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First, we would like to thank you for visiting our site. We are very pleased to launch in November 2019 and we are glad you chose to stop by. We thought it would be important to share with you a little about our journey that lead us here.

First, this is a small lean start-up birthed from dissatisfaction with the beard products the owner and founder of the Viking’s Beard, Scott, had been exposed to. Having a beard for the last decade, Scott had tried various products that were either too greasy, didn’t maintain the moisture of the beard, were difficult to work with, or had overpowering scents.

After finding a product he liked and used regularly, the company changed the recipe. The new recipe was hard, difficult to work with, and took forever to melt. Scott thought to himself, “I wonder if I could make my own.” Scott, who is a reasonably accomplished amateur chef, was used to working with recipes and began to research what went into beard oils and why.

Learning that organic, food quality oils from natural sources could be blended without the use of the chemicals, (often found in hair care products) made this prospect more appealing. To achieve a rich and non-greasy beard oil that would improve the health of the skin and beard, Scott arrived at Avocado oil, Jojoba oil, and Sweet Almond oil as the base for the beard oils. Research was then put into various scents with pine, teakwood, lavender, bamboo and leather being added to the lineup. The next objective was to make a beard butter. Using the above oils and adding in shea butter and coconut oil, we were able to select a whipping process that allowed those ingredients to whip into a light and fluffy whipped butter consistency as a finishing product with a mild hold for use after the oil. The whipping process makes our butter so light and fluffy, a very small amount will be enough for a generous beard.

Currently, all of our products are made in house by Scott one batch at a time. Hand crafted from beginning to end, this labor of love will soften and tame the thickest and wildest beards. Currently we are in negotiations to have our product manufactured in a low carbon footprint facility so that larger quantities can be made and distributed.

Our planned build out includes adding additional scents, adding a flight option where you may sample four scents, a gift box option, and beard and face washes. Ladies, we didn't forget you. We are doing research into body butters and other products you will enjoy as well. We hope you enjoy our initial offering of six oil scents, one beard butter (coming in 2020) and two T shirts. Thanks again for stopping by and remember, Beard Up!

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